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Brides Dowry Package Guo Dai Li 嫁妆配套. After 18 years your marriage is a thing of beauty but like the traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift it must be cherished.

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The groom together with relatives will bring a plethora of gifts to the bride as a symbol of providing.

Traditional chinese wedding gift ideas. Thats because in lieu of gifts Chinese wedding guests typically give a red envelope called hongbao 紅包. The significance of the color red in Chinese culture is that it brings luck and prosperity to the happy occasion. Browse our amazing and unique Traditional Chinese wedding gifts today.

Red Cherry Blossoms Elegant Chinese Wedding Favor Ceramic Tile. Some people may concern about the quality of products provided online. 17th Anniversary Gift Ideas.

The former is linked to love success happiness prosperity luck fertility honor and loyalty while the latter is a symbol. Keep the wrapping paper ribbon and bows in these colors and you cant go wrong. The groom would present the betrothal gift Guo Dai Lai to the womans family approximately one month before they get married.

Stay away from white which is used in funerals and connotes death. After the betrothal letter and gifts are accepted the bridegrooms family will send prolific gifts to the girls family symbolizing respect and kindness towards the girls family as well as the capability of providing a good life for the girl. Traditional wedding costumes In a traditional Chinese wedding the bride and groom dress in the Han costumes with phoenix coronet and official robe.

In China a statue of a crane is a respectful gift as it symbolizes fidelity and commitment. 18th Anniversary Porcelain. Betrothal Gifts as a Tradition Once a couple decides to get married the grooms family customarily sends gifts to the brides family.

Red and gold play a critical role in all Chinese wedding decorations. Disposable Chinese Wedding Red Paper Cup 婚庆纸囍杯. Chinese Traditional Ceramic Wedding Tea Set with 4cups 1 tray 1 teapot 敬茶茶具套装.

Here is an example of some content of the gift which is mostly red or orange in color for your reference it varies with. You do not need to worry about this at all when shopping on LightInTheBox since all of our products are. Red represents luck pink and yellow symbolize happiness and gold is for fortune and wealth.

Failing that a bottle of red wine good fortune white wine prosperity a bowl of peaches longevity or a high quality looseleaf tea a reliable general gift would all fit the bill. These commonly include symbolic foods and cakes. When you leave a Chinese wedding ceremony youll usually be given small wedding favors such as chocolates candy or even wallet-sized photographs taken of the couple before the wedding.

Whenever you want to buy Traditional Chinese Wedding Gifts please have a look at LightInTheBox the leading online storeAs you see on this page so many cool Traditional Chinese Wedding Gifts are provided from us. Brides Side Return Betrothal Gifts 女家回礼礼品. Square Double Happiness Classic Chinese Wedding Neck Tie.

Traditional Guo Da Li gifts include tea money jewelry dragon-phoenix cakes wine and fresh or dried fruit and meats. Firecrackers It is customary for Chinese people to set off firecrackers in the big events and important occasions including the wedding ceremony. The wedding couple may also appreciate a picture of a carp because it signifies prosperity.

The gift of jade represents strength health and protection for the wedding couple. There are some super-traditional gifts available wishing luck for a new venture but theyd require a trip to a Chinese goods store. When looked after properly porcelain can last for centuries but make no mistake even the oldest surviving examples are fragile.

Jun 19 2016 – Explore Bao Foos board Wedding gifts on Pinterest. But many Chinese engagement traditions including the exchange of betrothal gifts a bridal dowry and consultation with a fortune teller remain important today. Picking out a gift for a Chinese wedding is usually pretty simple.

From Guests If youre going to be a guest at a Chinese wedding there are certain traditional gifts that will hold greater meaning to the bride and groom than modern trinkets. Tall Rectangle Double Happiness Chinese Wedding Classic Round Sticker. Youll receive these as you leave and the bride and groom will personally see you off.

15 Off with code CYBERSAVEZAZ. Bed Setting 安床套装组. Giving a red gift like red dishes or red crystal candle holders are appropriate.

This is done on an auspicious date thats between 3 to 30 days before the actual wedding. 15 Off with code CYBERSAVEZAZ. See more ideas about wedding gifts traditional chinese wedding chinese wedding.

Must-haves for Bride and Groom. Chinese wedding gifts can be wrapped with paper and bows however some colors should be avoided. Money aside there are also traditional wedding gifts that are exchanged in a Chinese wedding.

The happy couple will cherish a sentimental gift from Zazzle. These are known as the Guo Da Li or The Betrothal. If you go to a wedding the money in the red envelope should have a value equivalent to a nice gift that would be given at a Western wedding.

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Chinese Wedding Gift Traditions And Modern Gift Ideas Traditional Wedding Gifts Chinese Wedding Favors Traditional Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding Gift Traditions And Modern Gift Ideas Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Chinese Tea Ceremony Tea Ceremony Wedding

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Chinese Wedding Gift Traditions And Modern Gift Ideas Modern Wedding Gifts Chinese Wedding Favors Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony