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Best Bridal Shower Lunch Ideas

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Best Bridal Shower Lunch Ideas

Bridal Shower Lunch Ideas – A bridal shower is the ultimate celebration of the bride and her new life to come. The ins and outs of hosting a bridal shower starts here: from who pays to unique bridal shower themes and fun bridal shower games, to building a budget—we break down everything you need to know about planning a bridal shower.

If you’re planning a bridal shower or bringing a dish to a bridal shower to share, our lighter recipes for finger foods, fresh salads and sparkling cocktails will make any bridal shower celebration special. Make Elderflower Sparklers for a bubbly and festive cocktail to toast the bride-to-be or Broccoli, Ham & Pasta Salad for a lighter main dish all your guests will enjoy.

When trying to decide what you should serve at a bridal shower the first thing you’ll want to nail down is your theme. Are you looking to do a retro bridal shower or perhaps a springtime garden party with an Alice in Wonderland theme? Or maybe you’re not looking for a bridal shower theme at all, but instead just want to throw an intimate bridal shower with the bride’s closest friends and family with great food and drinks (for a price that won’t drive you mad).

Once you decide on your theme (which can be “no theme at all”), you’ll want to figure out what time of day you want to have it. Brunch bridal showers are great because they allow you to choose from not only breakfast items but more filling lunch food as well. Evening bridal showers tend to be much more expensive in terms of what you’ll have to serve (dinner and drinks and usually dessert), so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re planning.

Guest count will also affect what type of food you’re going to serve, as well as your venue. If you’re throwing a bridal shower in a hotel you’re going to be tied to their menus, whereas having it at your own house or rented venue will typically mean the sky’s the limit in terms of what type of food and drinks you want to make or bring in (and on your own budget). If you’re having a larger guest count you’ll most likely want to stick to a buffet, whereas a smaller crowd could mean that you have a two or three course meal instead.

If you fancy fish and chips, consider serving this elevated, all-in-one version at your shower. Here, the “chips” — crisp potato wafers called gaufrettes — are topped with smoked salmon and a dollop of sauce with dill and creme fraiche. A sprig of fresh dill completes the pretty presentation.

With a puff-pastry blossom resting atop a flaky crust, a miniature potpie makes a delightful and delicious first course at a shower. This favorite home-style dish is filled with a medley of vegetables, including asparagus, carrots, and pearl onions, and baked in a ramekin.

The classic English teatime elements are reinvented with ingredients from the sushi bar. This food is as decorative as it is delectable: Tea sandwiches combine the familiar (smoked salmon, poached chicken, cucumbers, dill, watercress, and cream cheese) with the unexpected (wasabi, shiso leaf, fresh salmon roe, black caviar, and black and white sesame seeds).

Homemade cranberry chutney makes a delicious topping for hors d’oeuvres and a sweet favor. At the shower, serve a dollop of the chutney, made with orange zest and walnuts, over a tiny turkey “sandwich.” At the end of the event, you can offer a jar of the condiment for guests to take home.

For a finger-friendly take on classic beet and goat cheese salad, serve fried beet chips topped with a dollop of the tangy cheese and vinaigrette-laced microgreens. They make perfect hors d’oeuvres — crispy instead of juicy beets means no one will be caught red-handed.

Combine the luxury of caviar with the simplicity of a soft-boiled egg in a delightful dish for a wedding brunch or shower. We used salmon caviar — orange roe that is pretty, flavorful, and relatively inexpensive. Acknowledge Cupid with toast cut into hearts and arrows.

No shower guest would be able to resist this appetizer, which features roasted wild mushrooms that lie on a bed of Robiola, a mild and soft Italian cheese. Ribbons of flat-leaf parsley and a drop of white truffle oil perfume the whole.

Replace the boring crouton cubes in your salads with savory heart-shaped versions. These crisps consist of three layers of phyllo dough filled with Asiago cheese and ground pine nuts; the layers are seasoned with thyme, shaped with a cookie cutter, and then baked. They go well with any mixed green salad — or even soup.

Elevate the sophistication level of your shower menu with this ceviche — a dish made with marinated raw fish (we added pink grapefruit in this version). This bay scallop ceviche will feel right at home served in a seashell, and you’ll feel secure knowing that these particular shells are food-safe. White Irish scallop shells, Conch King.

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Gallery of Best Bridal Shower Lunch Ideas

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