Agents Are Using Tiktok’s Popular ‘chopping Dance’ As A Marketing Tool

Brands should be aware that they’re advertising to an audience of content aficionados. Even more intriguing than these staggering numbers is that TikTok’s base audience is unique to the platform, with 1 in 4 users not found on any other social channel. Catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing orders, the video-first platform was adopted at record rates as users sought connection through new forms of entertainment. Ultimately, you want to increase sales, however, it shouldn’t be your only goal. Increasing brand awareness and building your community are other goals you should include as well. TikTok has approximately 100 million monthly active U.S. users and it continues to grow.
Similar to Facebook and Instagram, the cost of TikTok ads is based on a bidding model. The sky is truly the limit here—you can post everything from showing off your products to day-in-the-life videos to dance challenges. Spend some time scrolling through your For You page for inspiration. LinkedIn launched a new, professionally themed podcast network this morning, featuring 12 well-known creators who will cover topics ranging from mental health to startup trends.
TikTok as an app gained massive popularity among younger demographics and has slowly matured into a global phenomenon. Major corporations and media outlets have hopped on the TikTok bandwagon to increase their visibility among the younger user population to reach this new group of potential customers. Shopify – Shopify is showing up in a big way on TikTok, and not just because they’re the official e-commerce partner for the platform . Their content is geared toward entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a mix of helpful tips, funny sketches and memes, and of course industry news and insights. Their videos that do the best are the most relevant to users on the app, both in terms of content and made-for-TikTok formatting and editing. Take for example this video — part of a new series called “The TikTok Effect” — that does a deep dive into how a viral TikTok trend made real-world economic impacts, paired with a trending sound.
Business owners can also share their experience and give us a peek into their world. From packing orders and behind-the-scenes tutorials to business advice and motivation for the tough times, we are excited to see more business owners and their supporters interact with each other on TikTok.” TikTok videos can be up to 15 seconds long, but users can also connect multiple clips together for up to 60 seconds of total recording.
As Delilah Joseph, a teenager herself, explains “there’s a dancing/wannabe-funny side… a dark humor side, and Amish side… There’s a place for everyone”. Basically, imagine a Nike ad – try to go for inspirational, relatable, and motivating as the tone of voice in this type of video. Share the story of how the company was founded – when you got the idea, how long the process was, whether you had the support of people closest to you or not. One of the biggest sins that brands can commit on TikTok (apart from misusing Gen Z slang — oh boy) is having excessively long intros.
Read more about buy Tik Followers here. This campaign was effective because it highlighted how the influencer interacts with the brand and leveraged that relationship in the campaign. From comedians to dancers to pranksters to fashion lovers and makeup buffs, the breadth of content on the platform is broad and creative, appealing to audiences around the world. Then be encouraged because the TikTok trends and viral posts are within your reach.
Customizing your profile will make you more attractive to users and ultimately, gain followers and you can get TikTok to pay you money. If social networks are linked you can keep your community connected to your social networks permanently. At the moment, you can’t add links that take users to your store or product. However, you can drive users to your Instagram or YouTube profile.
Brands and celebrities take up a challenge and upload a video of them performing it. They further recruit or appeal to other users to take up the challenge. These challenges are given a hashtag name, to make it a trend and searchable.
Create and share authentic content using the app’s built-in filters, plugins, soundtracks, and editing software. Although TikTok has vast organic reach, you can only achieve meaningful interaction if your content resonates with your viewers and adheres to the platform’s standards. Simply posting your corporate brand messaging here is not going to cut it.